Hvilke englekort skal jeg vælge?

Zoey Adrianna

Which angel cards should I choose?

Choosing the right set of angel cards can be a challenge, given the myriad of beautiful options, each with their own unique themes and authors. With all the different options, it can be overwhelming, especially for those new to angel card reading.

As someone who has navigated this path myself—from being a beginner overwhelmed by choice to becoming a seasoned card user—I understand the nuances of finding a deck of cards that resonates with you.

This guide aims to simplify your decision-making process, whether you're buying your first set of cards or expanding your collection.

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Should I choose angels, oracle or tarot cards?

When considering choosing between angel cards, oracle cards or tarot cards, you should take into account your needs and experience.

  • Tarot cards provide detailed insights into life events and require more skill in interpretation. However, there are also tarot cards with text that guide and explain and are really good for beginners. Read my guide: Tarot cards for beginners.
  • Oracle cards are simpler than tarot cards, with clearer messages and thematic imagery, ideal for daily guidance and spiritual reflection. There are many different types of oracle cards, including fairies, unicorns, flowers, animals, astrology, crystals, goddesses and many, many other types. But in principle, oracle cards are much like angel cards. Angel cards have angel motifs, while oracle cards have all kinds of themes, like animals, crystals, etc.
  • Angel cards offer encouraging and gentle guidance with a focus on spiritual growth and angels. Angel cards always contain angel motifs and messages from the angels. For example, the cards can be of all angels, archangels, crystal angels, indigo angels and a lot of other different kinds that also contain angels.

Some card sets, such as angel tarot, are a beautiful and broad set that has the same structure as tarot cards with the major and minor arcana. This set can answer all types of questions, whereas love cards are focused on love, and career cards are focused on career, etc. But the most important thing is to choose what you feel attracted to and need. So using your gut and choosing based on what feels right to you is the be-all and end-all.

Your choice depends on what insight you seek and your comfort with interpreting the cards, as well as most importantly what you are drawn to and what you desire. There is no right or wrong and often it makes good sense to have several different sets, for specific areas in life, for different types of questions and guidance.
De 7 Energier af Colette Baron-Reid - orakelkort

Should I choose cards in Danish or English?

Angel and oracle cards are available in both Danish and English. As the selection in Danish is often a bit limited, it can often be advantageous to buy the cards in English, as they typically include Danish instructions and translations for each set.

This provides a wider range and ensures that non-English speakers can still use and understand the cards effectively. Otherwise, there is no difference whether you choose English or Danish cards. Use the accompanying guidebook to gain additional insight and understanding of what each card means.

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