Online video course: Getting started with angel cards

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Want to learn how to draw angel cards?

Then this exciting course is just for you!

In this video beginner's course you will learn the basic principles when you want to start drawing angel cards. So the course is aimed at you who want to start learning how to use angel cards, but don't quite know how to do it.

Angel Cards are a loving and straightforward way to receive messages and tools from the universe and the angels so that you can make the best possible decisions in your life. With this course in angel cards, you will learn to use your inner wisdom, as well as listen and understand the messages that may come through the angel cards, so that you can get clarity and answers to what you need.

The course includes:

  • What angels are and what they can help with
  • The different angel cards
  • How you select the right set
  • How to consecrate and cleanse your cards and protect them going forward
  • How you draw cards
  • The different types of presentations you can make
  • How to get in better contact with the angels
  • How you create a space to connect better
  • Ethical guidelines
  • What you do after you draw cards

Overview of the course:

Part 1. Getting started with angel cards: 4 min.

Part 2. What are angels and what can they help with: 7 min.

Part 3. The different types of cards: 22 min.

Part 4. Choose the right cards: 6 min.

Part 5. Cleanse, consecrate and protect your cards: 9 min.

Part 6. Get even better contact: 7 min.

Part 7. Create a room: 4 min.

Part 8. How to draw cards: 15min.

Part 9. Presentation: 3 min.

Part 10. Presentation with 1 and 3 cards: 5 min.

Part 11. Celtic crosses + PDF: 5 min.

Part 12. Ethics: 7 min.

Part 13. After you draw cards: 3 min.

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Online video course: Getting started with angel cards





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