Selenite rod

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Beautiful raw unique selenite staves

Selenite is the purest energy stone available. It does not absorb negative energy and must never be cleaned. It can cleanse other crystals by physical contact. Selenite cleans the energy in any room it is in. Selenite is porous, so please treat it carefully and with loving energy - it is not suitable as a pocket stone, due to its porosity.

Selenite represents spiritual purity, light and connection to the universe. It is one of the most sacred crystals throughout history. The name 'Selenite' comes from the Greek goddess Selene, goddess of the moon. It helps to clean and heal us, and creates clarity in life.

The spiritual meaning of selenite is rejuvenation and divine feminine energy. It symbolizes the angelic worlds and allows us to communicate with angelic beings. The energy of selenite is embedded in this soft and powerful crystal.


Approximately 11 cm.

Stones are raw and unique and therefore vary in size and appearance.