Tourmaline quartz necklace

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Tourmaline quartz crystal combines the energies of both tourmaline and rock crystal (quartz).

Black Tourmaline contributes its cleansing and grounding influence to the quartz, keeping it free of negativity. At the same time, quartz amplifies the cleansing energies of Black Tourmaline. This fusion of forces makes tourmaline quartz a powerful tool for removing bad energies.

The long black threads that appear in the quartz strengthen the body's energy field against external influences and form an energetic shield against harmful rays. Tourmaline quartz crystal cleanses the aura and removes the energy patterns that can lead to stagnation. It also helps uncover and process shadow sides.

Tourmaline quartz is beneficial for understanding and dealing with hostile situations and relationships. It has a magical ability to remove destructive behavior patterns and is especially useful for those seeking guidance on the spiritual journey. Quartz is considered a master healer that can be used to treat various conditions. It stimulates the immune system, promotes balance in body and mind.

When you wear a Tourmaline quartz, it creates a protective bubble of light around you and is an excellent stone for house cleansing.

The crystal can also be used as support for detoxification and cleansing of the body after, for example, drug abuse or improving the diet. It harmonizes the meridians and the subtle body and restores balance to all the chakras, resulting in an overall sense of well-being. It provides clarity and purity on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

The jewelery should not be exposed to water, as this reduces the lifespan of the jewellery.

The chain comes with a small jewelery box, in which the jewelery can be conveniently stored.
All stones and crystals are unique and this chain and pendant is handmade, so there may be differences in size, shape and appearance, as well as slight irregularities.

Produkt information


Tourmaline quartz necklace


Approximately 50 cm.

Perle størrelse

13 x 17 mm.


Gold plated copper

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