Think like a monk - Jay Shetty

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Think like a monk

A guide to finding calm and peace in the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday life - both the external and internal noise. Author Jay Shetty grew up in a family where it was expected of him to become either a doctor, a lawyer – or a failure. And when, after completing his bachelor's degree, he went to India to become a monk, his family was convinced that he had chosen the latter. He had previously been focused on how to achieve success, make money and create a perfect life path for himself, but at a lecture with a monk one evening in London, he saw how a man who had let go of everything we normally strive for , behind him, seemed surprisingly happy and peaceful.

Jay Shetty was a monk for three years and lived a largely simple life, full of meditation and other forms of spiritual practice, but at the urging of his spiritual teacher, he laid down his monk's robes, went home and began sharing the wisdom he had learned, with others. It is not necessary to be a monk to benefit from the methods monks have developed for millennia to achieve inner peace and balance. 

Think like a monk is divided into three parts, which are about letting go, growing as a person and helping others. The book is full of inspiration, practical advice and exercises – meditations, visualizations and breathing exercises – that everyone can benefit from.

368 pages.