Nasal rinse - NoseBuddy in blue

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NoseBuddy - the best pitcher on the market

Why rinse the nose?

Prevents and relieves colds, forehead and sinus infections, asthma and respiratory allergies as well as discomfort from air pollution. Stimulates and has a relaxing effect on the area around the eyes and forehead. Can relieve tension headaches, sharpen vision and sense of smell - and can be an aid to quitting smoking.
It is an easy and effective yoga method which provides increased mental clarity and better breathing. Use in the morning to get a refreshing start to the day. After work - especially if you work in a dusty workplace. Or as preparation for yoga and meditation.

NoseBuddy - the best nose canister on the market
The NoseBuddy from Skandinavisk Yoga rinses better than any other nasal canister on the market. The long spout and large volume (0.5 liters compared to often only 0.3 liters or less in other jugs) means that you can get better pressure on the water and a more abundant flow than with small jugs with a short spout.

This does:
-that it is faster to rinse the nose, and the rinsing becomes more effective (more snot out!).
- that you usually manage with one rinse.
-that it feels much more satisfying when you rinse your nose - more refreshing!
- and not least: that it is actually possible to rinse the nose, even if it is quite blocked.
Unfortunately, many people stop doing nasal irrigation if the jug rinses too badly. Either because it's too boring and difficult - or simply because the water doesn't get through when you really need it, e.g. if you have a cold. Then people just think that nasal irrigation is boring, which is a real shame when it is such a useful technique. With the NoseBuddy, we've never heard anyone complain about it being too slow or not getting through.

Better dosage of salt
NoseBuddy is transparent and has both a measuring spoon for the salt and a ruler for the water. This means that it is super easy to always get the right amount of salt and water, which is essential for a comfortable rinse. Other jugs may have a measuring spoon but are not transparent. The measuring spoon for the NoseBuddy is also so long that it can be used as a stirring stick, and because the NoseBuddy is transparent, you can better see whether you have really got the salt dissolved.

Better ergonomics
It has a comfortable shape to hold. The spout fits nicely in the nose, and because it is long and flexible, you don't have to turn your head so much to the side to get the water to flow through (especially an advantage if you have a bad back or neck). For the same reason, you don't easily run the risk of the water running over the edge and into your head, which easily happens with small jugs.

Better than ceramic jugs
In addition to the above, NoseBuddy has a big advantage over traditional ceramic pitchers: Neither the sink nor the nose pitcher will break if you drop it!

CE marked as a medical product.
Designed and produced by Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School

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Nasal rinse - NoseBuddy in blue

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