Japanese incense - Sparkling gold yuzu

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Lovely sparkling gold yuzu incense for space clearing and pure enjoyment. The incense reminds of citrus, but Yuzu is more tart, bitter and aromatic than a lemon, and is most reminiscent of grapefruit with hints of mandarin and lime.

Do you need to clean your home, work or other place you stay? Or do you just want to enjoy the calm, the scent and the present sensation of incense, whether you meditate, do yoga or just feel like a little well-being? Then incense is for you.

All incenses are different, but the principle is the same: place the incense in a holder, light it with fire and then blow out the flame and let the incense burn down. 

incense is a lovely fragrance and a treat for the senses. It can be enjoyed as part of your spiritual practice, or just when you feel like a little fragrance, cleansing and well-being.

The packet contains 15 grams, equivalent to approximately 12-13 incense sticks. Each incense stick burns for about half an hour.

Number of sticks per box: 30 pieces

Burning time per stick: approx. 25 minutes

A free small incense holder is included in each box