HARA necklace

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Peace, love and security

Necklace in red-orange agate.

The HARA necklace is for you who want to connect with your harachakra, also called the root chakra. The beautiful red energy and color is the same color as the chakra and helps us to get grounded, find peace and security.

Red agate is an enchanting gemstone known for its beauty and symbolism. Red agate is a specific variety with beautiful shades of red ranging from deep ruby ​​red to pink or marbled red and white. This stone has been admired and used in jewelry and decorative objects for centuries.

Red agate has historically had various cultural meanings. In ancient times, it was considered a stone of protection against evil spirits and negative energies. It was also associated with love and passion and was often given as a gift to strengthen romantic relationships.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, red agate also has a number of esoteric and spiritual properties. It is believed to help strengthen calmness and stability in one's mind and body. Some believe that it can support feelings of self-esteem and confidence, as well as promote feelings of security.

Red agate has also been used in alternative treatment methods such as crystal healing. It is said to strengthen life energy and harmonize chakras. Some believe that it can help improve blood circulation and relieve pain and discomfort in the body.

Whether you value red agate for its deep color, its symbolism, or its spiritual properties, it is a stone with a rich history and a continuing appeal to both collectors and those seeking inner balance and harmony. With its vibrant red color and unique patterns, red agate is a gemstone that can bring beauty and meaning into one's life.

Closing mechanism in 925 sterling silver.

All chains are unique and therefore vary in appearance. Jewelry should not be exposed to water, as it reduces the life of the jewelry.

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HARA necklace


30-40 grams





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