Guided meditation: positive affirmations

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This 20 minute guided meditation is a meditation that creates calm and harmony within you, as well as boosting positivity and creating a more positive outlook on yourself.

The meditation gently guides you through many positive, uplifting and loving affirmations. The meditation boosts your self-image and happiness, so feel free to listen to it as often as you can. I say an affirmation and then you have to repeat it yourself, either by thinking about it or saying it out loud... we do this together for 20 minutes.

The meditation can be saved on your phone, computer or tablet and played as often as you like. 


Meditation is - in my view - an undervalued tool. A tool we humans even have at our fingertips and it's even free. Meditation is something that everyone can find out, that everyone can benefit from and that everyone can get 'better' at and therefore get more and more out of.

There are many ways to do it and really there is nothing that is either right or wrong. It's more about what gives you peace and finding your own way of doing things. But meditation is and will be an important element when it comes to your own inner calm and peace and if you want to get clarity, get peace of mind and body and especially if you are often overstimulated, stressed or similar in your everyday life.

I usually say that meditation is the direct line to the universe. So if you want a clear connection without noise on the line, want to learn to communicate with the universe and listen to your own intuition and understand the signs you are being shown, and find more peace and surplus, then meditation is what you need.

Meditation has many beneficial effects, including preventing and relieving stress, strengthening the immune system and lowering high blood pressure, giving you peace of mind, emotional stability and a host of other good things. So while you may find meditation boring, can't quite find the peace all the time or don't quite know how to do it, it's something I'd definitely recommend doing as often as possible.

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Duration 20 min.