GAIA - oracle card

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"Gaia Oracle: Guidance, Affirmations, Transformation"

by Toni Carmine Salerno. Is a collection consisting of 45 maps and a guidebook in English, in a beautiful box.

This set takes its point of departure in the origin of the universe, where light from creation broke through and initiated a cosmic event that led to the birth of the universe. In this early era of the universe, a universe of scattered particles in time and space, the invisible force of life began to work, and gradually a multitude of stars arose. From this cosmic ocean, Gaia, the Earth Mother, was born – a living, breathing being, our goddess, our mother and our reflection.

The Gaia Oracle Kit is designed to guide the user towards love and offer answers to life's questions. This set includes:

- 45 images, inspired by Gaia, created to promote peace and healing.
- 45 loving messages that offer guidance and insight.
- 45 affirmations for self-empowerment that support the user in realizing dreams.

The word "oracle", referring to prophecy, originates from ancient Greece and Rome. In these cultures, an oracle was a sacred place where the gods and goddesses were approached for prophetic advice through priests and priestesses. Oracles were believed to be able to predict the future and were central to the spiritual lives of the ancient Greeks and Romans, often consulting them before making important decisions. Over the centuries, the form of oracles has changed, and in modern times they are re-emerging as this deck of cards.

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GAIA - oracle card


17 x 12 cm




45 maps + guide book


Toni Carmine Salerno



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