The Fairies Oracle Card by Karen Kay - Oracle Card

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The Fairy Oracle Cards by Karen Kay, consists of 44 cards that will help you connect with the fairies and their ancient wisdom. They are magical beings who are guardians and protectors of everything in nature. The cards offer solutions and inspiration for everyday questions and dilemmas. Their beautiful imagery combined with insightful fairy wisdom will inspire and encourage you. The beauty and fun of fairyland is that there are no rules. It gives an extra sense of fun and freedom when working with the cards. Be prepared to think outside the box and get ready to explore the world of fairies, where dreams are made and anything is possible.

Karen Kay is English and known as the 'fairy lady' due to her strong connection with these magical beings. She is a passionate lover of nature, and her friendship with the fairies began when, as a child, she used to gather rose petals in her grandmother's garden to make perfume for the flower fairies.

Number of cards: 44
Number of pages in guidebook: 126