Aqua obsidian

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Aqua obsidian, also known as "aqua glass obsidian" or simply "aqua obsidian," is a beautiful variety of obsidian, a natural glassy stone formed by the rapid cooling of lava. This particular type of obsidian differs from other obsidian varieties due to its characteristic bluish color and a unique luster similar to glass.

Aqua obsidian has a stunning blue or blue-green color that ranges from light blue shades to deeper and more saturated tones. The glassy surface of the stone gives it a shiny and reflective appearance. The blue color that characterizes aqua obsidian typically symbolizes calm, clarity and emotional balance. The stone is known to promote spiritual development and connect the wearer with the element of water, which can have a calming and cleansing effect on the mind.

Aqua obsidian is said to have energetic properties that help release negative energy and reduce stress. It promotes mental clarity and enhances communication skills as well as creating emotional stability.

It is also linked to the throat chakra, which is located in the throat area and represents communication, self-expression and truth. Aqua obsidian is also believed to help open and balance this chakra, improving the ability to express oneself clearly and honestly. The stone is often used for jewelry, meditation or as a decorative stone and acts as a protective amulet that benefits from its calming properties. In addition, it can be used to improve the interior design of the home.

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Aqua obsidian


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Selenite, moonlight

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