Root chakra crystals


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Rose quartz crystal
Rose quartz crystal Sale priceFrom 39,00 kr
Rose quartz polished
Rose quartz polished Sale price29,00 kr
Små rosakvarts lommesten
Tigerøje lommestenTigerøje lommesten
Rock crystal Sale price29,00 kr
Ruby Sale price49,00 kr
Røgkvarts vedhængSmoky quartz pendant
Smoky quartz pendant Sale price79,00 kr
Rød jaspis
Red jasper Sale price29,00 kr
Rosakvarts æg
Rose quartz crystal Sale price89,00 kr
Hematoid appendageHematoid appendage
Hematoid appendage Sale price79,00 kr
Aragonite heartAragonite heart
Aragonite heart Sale price49,00 kr
Sacred Geometry Activations - oracle cardsSacred Geometry Activations - oracle cards
Rå tigerøje
Raw tiger eye Sale price39,00 kr
Tigerøje poleretTigerøje poleret
Tiger eye polished Sale price39,00 kr
Blodsten poleret
Blood stone polished Sale price29,00 kr
Release - Smoky quartz necklaceRelease - Smoky quartz necklace
Chakra Reading - oracle cardChakra Reading - oracle card
Chakra Reading - oracle card Sale price249,00 kr
Aragonite ballAragonite ball
Aragonite ball Sale price239,00 kr
Guided meditation: Chakra cleansing
Tiger's eye necklace - pointedTiger's eye necklace - pointed
Tiger's eye necklace - pointed Sale price349,00 kr