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Din Engle Guide af Kyle Gray - orakelkortDin Engle Guide af Kyle Gray - orakelkort
Online video-kursus: Kom godt igang med englekort
Lysets Vogtere af Kyle Gray - orakelkortLysets Vogtere af Kyle Gray - orakelkort
Engle og Forfædre af Kyle Gray - orakelkortEngle og Forfædre af Kyle Gray - orakelkort
Lysets portalaktivering af Kyle Gray - orakelkortLysets portalaktivering af Kyle Gray - orakelkort

Kyle Gray

Kyle Gray is a Scottish author and spiritual teacher known for his work with angels, angelic healing and spiritual development. Kyle Gray has been recognized for his talent in conveying messages from angels and other spirit guides.

He has published several books on the subject, including "Angel Prayers" and "Raise Your Vibration". These books contain guidance on working with angelic energy, connecting with spirit guides, and raising one's spiritual frequency to achieve inner peace and balance.

Kyle Gray is also a popular speaker and workshop facilitator who travels the world teaching angelic healing and spiritual topics. He has an approach that is inclusive and accessible, making it easier for people to explore their own spirituality and discover the deeper connection with the spiritual world.

His work has inspired many to explore the spiritual realm, strengthen their intuition skills, and work with angels and spirit helpers as a source of support and guidance in their lives.