If you are one of those people who see gratitude as a bit of a hippie cliché word, then I can really understand you. How often have we been told ourselves – in a situation that was difficult for us – that we should try to see it from the positive side. Something that certainly does not always come easily to us humans. No, most of the time, we tend to focus on what is not going well, what we wish was different, what we are dissatisfied with, etc.

But if we knew how many positive feelings and experiences come with when we practice gratitude, I'm sure that many of us would be better able to notice when we are negative and only focus on what is missing, and in instead start being more positive and focus on all the good that is in our lives.

Studies show that gratitude helps increase the joy in our lives and even increases the length of our lives. It also increases our emotional well-being, it makes us less stressed and we are better able to cope with the hard times. Gratitude also makes us get along better with other people, we get more of what we want, and many other things.

So, in short, it is proven that gratitude helps to increase our quality of life. So why not make more use of it?

I still practice gratitude myself and I do that by writing down 3 things every day that I am grateful for. It helps me to become aware of everything I have in life that makes me happy, happy and grateful.

Because if we look around, there is a lot to be grateful for, but because we are so busy in our everyday lives, we often forget to focus on what is going well in our lives. Instead we focus on what is going wrong, we focus on the bad weather, the train that is late or the car that needs repairs and so on.

But if we instead start to shift the focus to what is good and what we would like to have more of, then we can start to see changes in our everyday life for the better.
Because in such a basic way, what we focus on grows. So why not use gratitude to attract more good experiences and feelings into our lives?

One way to practice gratitude is to think about all the things that make us grateful. Another method is to write down. You can either just do this on a piece of paper or a pad, or you can use a gratitude journal. Here you can write down 3 things daily that will make you focus on all the good that is around you, so that the positive can grow instead of the negative, and you can instead attract much more gratitude into your life for!

Want your very own book? Then you can order your copy of the gratitude diary here.

In my podcast Wholeness , I talk about gratitude and its benefits in this episode

Love & Light,

Zoey Adrianna

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