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I have always dreamed a lot…

Jeg har altid drømt meget...

Interview with Costume magazine

"I've always dreamed a lot, which came true"

For many people , clairvoyance is perhaps a somewhat flighty concept. But in reality, it is a practical and constructive tool when life throws a wrench or when you find it difficult to make decisions.

We might ask our friends and family for advice, but sometimes our challenges are so personal or complicated that we need to talk to a third party who comes from a different background and provides input from a whole new angle.

Is it all still a bit unclear? We have asked Zoey Adrianna five sharp questions that make clairvoyance easier to understand:

1. What is clairvoyance?

"Quite practically, clairvoyance is about intuition. But it is a strong, well-developed and refined intuition that sends clear messages to the clairvoyant about a client. The messages come from the spiritual world, and they can be about the past, about the present or some way into the future. We cannot decide what will happen - but we can advise on what will be the best thing to do.”

2. How does clairvoyance work?

Clairvoyance can work both face to face, or via remote reading, where you are not sitting in the same room. The physical distance has no effect on how clearly I feel and receive messages to the person. Clairvoyance is not about voice, body language or other physical signals. It is purely spiritual and therefore it is subordinate to where we are. For many, it can be an advantage in a busy everyday life, as the session can take place regardless of time and place".

3. How can clairvoyance help me?

“Clairvoyance is a guide that can help you make the right decisions. It can help you remove doubts and become confident in your case. In this case I am looking for personal messages for the next 2-3 months. They can guide you and tell you what to expect and what you should pay particular attention to.”

4. Who uses clairvoyance?

"All! I have clients mixed across gender and age. Some come to me with a preconceived idea or gut feeling that they seek to dispel or confirm. Perhaps they have a specific problem that they are looking for an answer to. Others come completely open and curious about what the next time will bring. What they have in common is that many need help to listen to the signals of the body and soul - and I help them focus on that - regardless of the starting point. A session is never scheduled, but instead depends entirely on the messages I receive.”

5. How did you become clairvoyant?

“I have always had a strong gut feeling and a great understanding of how other people feel. I have also always dreamed a lot, which the following day came true. I slowly became aware that it was a special ability that I had to pursue and develop. Therefore, I have trained and educated myself in various spiritual disciplines, including meditation, angel card reading, clairvoyance, communication and ethics, contact with the deceased, house cleaning, healing, etc. To become a skilled clairvoyant, you must first know yourself and dare to look inward - this requires deep self-insight and, not least, plenty of training to manage one's spiritual receptivity.”

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