Angel and Oracle Cards

Engle- og orakelkort

What are angel cards?

Angel cards are very similar to the principles behind tarot cards, but the motifs, the messages and the way they are structured are a little different. There is a sea of ​​different sets, with different images, designs and themes.

There are ordinary angel cards with 40-50 cards, and then there is angel tarot, which is structured very similar to the tarot cards that most people know - namely with 78 cards and the Major and Minor Arcana. Each card contains an illustration and a message, in the form of text.

It is a concrete way to get messages from the universe and the higher dimensions, by using angel cards. The cards provide greater clarity and insight, and help guide you on the right path in a positive and loving way.

How are angel cards used?

Angel cards are a good way if you need guidance here and now and need advice for any questions or challenges you may have.

Angel cards can be used in many different ways, from the very simple one where you draw the top card from the pile, to the slightly more complicated Celtic card, where 10 cards are drawn, which are placed and turned over in a certain way.

But an easy way to do it yourself - even if you have no training in it - is to think about the question you want an answer to, shuffle the cards while you have your question in mind and draw either the top one, or the card(s) that now emerges from the pile.

When you draw cards, it is important that you use your intuition and feel at the same time. Of course, you can content yourself with reading the text on the card, but the best thing is to use your intuition at the same time. Then you get the most concrete and precise messages.

Where can I buy angel, oracle or tarot cards?

The cards can be bought in many different shops, both physical shops and online. You can also buy them here from me .

All the cards I sell are in Danish and a small guide book is included, which is really good to read and have at hand when you need to use the cards.

You will find angel cards made by many different such as: Doreen Virtue, Colette Baron-Reed, Kyle Gray, Yasmin Boland and many, many others.

Can I use angel cards myself?

Yes! You can easily buy a set and draw cards for yourself – and others. Most people who have a set of cards at home, whether they are angel, oracle or tarot cards, do so just for fun and as an easy way to get some loving messages.

If, on the other hand, you would like a more thorough reading, then I would recommend finding someone who is trained in angel card reading and preferably also clairvoyance. The cards contain a text message, so of course it's easy to interpret. But the skilled and experienced card reader will be able to interpret the deeper messages and intuitively and clairvoyantly receive messages at the same time.

I am a trained angel card reader with Doreen Virtue and a clairvoyant guide with Tove Kofoed, and I use a mixture of angel and oracle cards, as well as my clairvoyant abilities when I do readings for my clients. Card reading can be difficult and there are many messages, symbols and messages in just one single card, so if you want a more comprehensive and thorough reading, I would definitely recommend going to a professional with your questions.

Why angel or oracle cards, rather than tarot cards?

I have chosen to work primarily with angel and oracle cards, as I personally think they have a more loving and light energy than tarot cards. I am more drawn to the illustrations and messages of the angel and oracle cards than tarot, Angel cards are in my eyes a more loving and gentle way of getting messages. This is not to say that messages cannot be difficult to hear and accept sometimes, but it is always with a loving and helpful intention that they are written.

But whether you choose angel, oracle or tarot cards, it is to get messages, guidance and answers, about the past, present and future.

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