Crystal jewelry


As something new, you can now buy handmade crystal jewelery on the webshop. The crystals are made with love and it is also possible to order something special if there is a desire for it.

Crystals have been used for thousands of years to relieve symptoms as well as protect and attract good energy and provide protection against bad or heavy energy.

The jewelery is very different and. consists of different types of stone. Under the individual piece of jewelery you can read about its fine properties and feel free to use your intuition and choose what feels right - the lovely thing about crystals is that nothing is right or wrong. We simply have to let intuition guide us.

The shop includes, among other things; amethyst, rock crystal, lapis lazuli, malachite, selenite, morganite, rose quartz, and many others.

The jewelery is made with 925 sterling silver, but should not be exposed to water, as it reduces the lifespan of the jewellery. If you wish to cleanse the jewelry, it can be done with intention, and with incense such as palo santo, sage or common incense, and by placing the jewelry in sunlight or moonlight.

See the selection of jewelery here.

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