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The Akashic Records is a term used in spirituality and metaphysics. It refers to a kind of universal library containing all souls and world existences and events of the past, present and future.

According to the belief, any soul can access the Akasha records by contacting their higher self or with the help of a trained Akasha record reader. These record readers are said to have the ability to open the gates to the Akashic records and give a person access to their life purpose, soul journey and their past lives.

Some of the possibilities that can be discovered in the Akasha records include information about our past lives, life purposes and tasks, karma and past decisions that affect our current life.

There are various ways to access the Akashic Records, and some of these methods include meditation, self-reflection, dreaming, and using a trained record reader.

For those seeking more in-depth understanding of their life and soul's journey, the Akasha Records can be a very rewarding and revelatory ongoing. This can help a person discover their true purpose and direction and improve their relationship with themselves and the world around them.

It is important to remember that access to the Akasha records should not be used to manipulate others or attempt to control one's own destiny. Rather, it should be seen as a tool to gain more insight and understanding of one's life and the soul's journey.

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