Take control of your own finances and future - with Carina Svendsen

Tag kontrol over din egen økonomi og fremtid - med Carina Svendsen
In episode #17, I have a visit from Carina Svendsen, who owns the company Know Your Money, where she teaches and advises people to have an honest and loving relationship with their money, so that they can create a new and better version of their finances. Carina is also the host of the podcast PengeTanken and is the author of the book: ' Money Makeover Mindset - create a life with enough money '.

In today's episode we talk money, energy and emotions when it comes to our finances, debt and the things we buy - and we dive into the most important thing we can do to gain control over our finances and thereby also our future, energy and own happiness. Carina gives her #1 advice for what we need to do if we want to take control of our finances.

We also talk about energy and that money is really just that; energy . But why it is also important that we put some action behind our wishes and dreams, and not just run around in dreamland with blinders on.

Dive into Carina's exciting story about finances, debt, loss of control and how she turned adversity into something good, so that today she can help people learn more about their own finances and gain an overview and profit!

Listen in and learn more about your own finances and how you can get control over them - now here and in the future!

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