Why Your Positive Affirmations Don't Work

Hvorfor dine positive bekræftelser ikke virker

In episode #16, I dive into the topic of positive affirmations and the placebo effect - and explain why the two things are connected. Unfortunately, many have the feeling that positive affirmations don't work - but they do! The problem is that something important is missing when we use these affirmations. Because just as well as negative affirmations work, so do positive ones. What we often miss when we try to use our positive affirmations to create a better life, to manifest something we want and so on, is the feeling. And that's what all the hops are about. If the feeling is missing, well then we don't get the results we want.

And it is also the feeling that comes into play when studies are done with placebo pills, which just work. It works because the test subjects feel that it works and because it creates an expectation.

So tune in to today's episode if you want to know more about affirmations, placebos and Dr. Joe Dispenza, author of, among other things: The Placebo Effect, Becoming Supernatural and many other exciting books.

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