Why you must not forget to invest in yourself

Hvorfor du ikke må glemme at investere i dig selv
In episode #15, I delve into why it is so important that we humans remember to invest in ourselves. Most of us are good at investing time, energy and money in everything else; our home, other people such as our family and friends, money in our savings and share account and everything else. But we often forget that the most important thing for us to invest in is ourselves. Because when we are unhappy, it affects all aspects of our life and body, mind and spirit. So if we want to feel good, if we want to create more growth, joy, happiness, abundance and energy in and around us, well then we will have to invest time, energy and money in ourselves.

So listen to this episode if you want to be inspired and hear about Tony Robbins 'SMART' guide, for when you start setting new goals for yourself and life, so that you can achieve them in the best possible way.

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