Sunstone necklace

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The strength, warmth and openness of the sun.

The Sunstone awakens your cosmic awareness, which is especially important during challenging periods in your life. When life presents itself from its less pleasant side, this stone will awaken in you the feeling that life is precious. And the sun stone will contribute to freedom, insight and self-awareness.

The Sunstone opens you up to boldly use your unique talents and abilities for the benefit of others. It relieves stress and promotes mental clarity. It increases your leadership skills, especially when it comes to devising new ways of thinking. At the same time, it encourages you to take on the responsibility of supporting others on their life's journey. It is said to have an anti-depressant effect and is a boon when you are experiencing stress.

It helps you think more forward-looking and simply, especially in areas of your life that challenge you. It is a powerful ally for manifestation, especially when it comes to spiritual growth. Place it at your solar plexus area to manifest the highest good. You can also carry it in your pocket and ask it to affect your solar plexus.

In ancient times, this stone was used as a talisman to attract good health and abundance in all areas. It reflects the sun's rays and is said to let you see the sun on gray days. It can act as a spiritual compass.

If you lack confidence or feel that you are often manipulated by others or constantly sacrifice yourself for the needs of others, this stone will help you say no and establish healthy boundaries. It increases your own strength and brings your true self to light.

The jewelery should not be exposed to water, as this reduces the lifespan of the jewellery.

The chain comes with a small jewelery box, in which the jewelery can be conveniently stored.
All stones and crystals are unique and this chain and pendant is handmade, so there may be differences in size, shape and appearance, as well as slight irregularities.

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Sunstone necklace






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