The Medical Seer's Diet Guide - Anthony William

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By Anthony Williams.

On top of his bestselling book The Medical Seer, author and medium Anthony William is back with a visionary dietary guide to further help his many thousands of readers to better health and greater well-being.

In his new book, he presents surprisingly deep spiritual insight and nutritional knowledge about the benefits of eating greens and demonstrates how certain fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices in particular are extremely potent when it comes to preventing and treating disease. He comes i.a. into which vegetables can repair our DNA, boost our immune system, strengthen our mental clarity and help us with emotional problems. And he gives instructions on which foods are best to eat to get rid of specific problems such as gallstones, high blood pressure, mental cloudiness, chronic fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, thyroid diseases, migraines and a whole host of other symptoms and diseases.

The book is full of inviting recipes and concrete advice on how to get the most out of the plants' healing power. As William's first book, The Medical Seer's Diet Guide will be of great interest to both sick and healthy people who want to strengthen their health, as well as all alternative practitioners.

376 pages.