our planet - our responsibility

The earth – our home, the planet and therefore also our responsibility!

Earth's resources include water, wood, minerals and metals. But the earth's resources are not infinite, and today it is unfortunately the case that we use far more resources than the earth can regenerate.

WWF and the environmental think tank Global Footprint Network calculate the consumption of the earth's resources every year. Perhaps you have heard of the term "Earth Overshoot Day", which is an expression of the day when the world's population has used the resources that can be restored in a year. With the exception of 2020, when the corona pandemic and the associated lockdowns limited people's consumption slightly, Earth Overshoot Day has fallen in the past five years
already in the month of July – with a full five months left in the year.

In other words, we live as if we have more than one globe at our disposal. Therefore, it is important that we all, both
private individuals but especially also companies, large and small, focus on our consumption and the footprint we leave here on earth.

So when you buy, buy with consideration and from companies that help create a world where we think more and more of Mother Earth, and treat her as well as possible! Together, let's take good care of our planet and its resources and only buy what we really want, that we know will enrich our lives and that will last for a long time.

“Buy less, choose well, make it last!” – Vivienne Westwood


When you shop with us, we do our very best to ensure that everyone
materials we use in connection with the shipment are as gentle to the environment and the plant as possible. Are we perfect? No, but we constantly make sure to find the most sustainable packaging and continuously replace materials with better and gentler ones, as well as phase out packaging and products that do not meet
our ethics and requirements.

When we ship an order, the packaging is either made from or wrapped in recycled materials, such as our recycled bubble wrap, uncolored brown wrapping paper
and corrugated cardboard, or FSC-labeled cardboard, paper or other materials that are otherwise more environmentally friendly than conventional ones.

We often reuse packaging or shipping boxes that have been used before, so while it may not always be pleasing to the eye, it is pleasing to the conscience and to the planet.


- The shipping boxes are produced from FSC certified cardboard with the FSC label printed on the bottom of the box. The boxes are manufactured in a Danish factory to minimize the emission of CO2 during transport.

- Our book covers are FSC-labelled, made from recycled material and produced in Denmark, to minimize CO2.

- The gift wrapping is 100% recycled paper.

- Gift cards consist of 100% recycled paper.

- All material is used and recycled. This applies to shipping boxes, bubble wrap, box filling etc

- Books and paper are printed at the Nordic Ecolabel printing house and are therefore Ecolabelled.

What is the FSC label?

FSC is the world's most ambitious
global certification for responsible forestry and your security for wood and paper from well-managed forests and other responsible sources. FSC works both for nature and human conditions in the world's forest areas.



My books are printed by LaserTryk.dk A/S there
a Swan-labelled printing company with license reg. no. 5041-0826 ( see license ). A Swan-labelled printing company contributes to a cleaner environment, a healthier working environment for the employees, and a cleaner future for everyone.

The paper in my books is therefore Swan-labelled, which is yours
guarantee to trade with a responsible printing company. All our electricity from the printing house also comes from wind turbines and solar cells.

Strict requirements for the Swan-labelled printing company:

- Use of environmentally friendly paper

- Use of vegetable printing inks

- Recycling of printed matter

- Minimizing waste, including paper

- Use of renewable energy

- Consideration of the chemical working environment


On my small webshop, there are no extra wild offers or heavily reduced prices in connection with Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, January sales or the like. I have no intention of artificially inflating my prices, then lowering them again and advertising with various false offers. When you buy from me, the price is always the same. Of course, there may be some minor price adjustments here and there, due to rising costs with suppliers, shipping and the like. But you won't find special offers and the like here.
As a small business, I always have the same price for my goods all year round and it is my intention that it should continue to be that way. It ensures a good deal for you and a clear conscience for me.

Together, let's take good care of our planet and its resources and only buy what we really want, that we know will enrich our lives and that will last for a long time.

Giving back

Although I am a relatively small company, I am aware that we in the Western world have much more to do than many others. That is why I have chosen to donate NOK 5,000 annually to a good cause.

So when you buy products or services from me, you are not only supporting yourself in your personal and spiritual development, but also a good cause.

In December 2022, I have chosen that the donation will go to the Danish animal welfare association Anima, as I have a huge heart for animals and believe that we should give our voice to those who have none.

Anima is a Danish animal protection association, which was founded in 2000. They work to ensure that animals are respected, not mistreated. This applies regardless of whether it concerns pets, farm animals, fur animals, laboratory animals or animals for entertainment.