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Helbred dit liv af Louise Hay
Heal Your Life by Louise Hay Sale price199,00 kr
Livet elsker dig af Louise Hay - orakelkortLivet elsker dig af Louise Hay - orakelkort
Tanker fra Hjertet af Louise Hay - orakelkortTanker fra Hjertet af Louise Hay - orakelkort
Få et fantastisk liv - Louise Hay & Cheryl Richardson
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I CAN DO IT - Louise Hay 2024 kalender
I CAN DO IT - Louise Hay 2024 calendar Sale price99,00 kr Regular price199,00 kr
Kærlighedens kraft - Louise Hay
The Power of Love - Louise Hay Sale price249,00 kr
Alt er godt af Louise Hay & Mona Lisa Schulz

Louise Hay

Louise Hay was an American author, speaker, and spiritual teacher who became known for her work in self-development and positive thinking. Born in 1926 in Los Angeles, California, she passed away in 2017. Louise Hay had a significant impact on the modern self-development movement and was loved around the world.

Her best-known work is the book Heal Your Life, which was published in 1976. In this book, she presented a list of various physical ailments and diseases along with the mental and emotional thoughts and beliefs that may be associated with them. She argued that by changing one's thought processes and adopting positive affirmations, one could promote healing and well-being in the body.

Louise Hay is also known for her statement and philosophy that our thoughts and beliefs create our reality. She encouraged people to practice self-acceptance, love and forgiveness to improve their quality of life. Her mantra"I love and accept myself exactly as I am"has been one of her most famous endorsements.

She founded Hay House, a publishing house dedicated to publishing books and resources in the fields of self-development and spirituality. Louise Hay's work has inspired millions of people worldwide to take responsibility for their own healing and personal development.

Although Louise Hay is no longer alive, her teachings and influence continue to inspire people to think positively, practice self-acceptance and create a healthier and more harmonious lifestyle.