reiki healing

Reiki healing - it's something that everyone can learn!

Reiki healing - det er noget som alle kan lære!

In episode #20 I talk about Reiki healing, what it can do and why I think everyone should get Reiki healing - and why everyone can actually heal. It is not quite as difficult or only for the chosen few as many people think. Reiki is Japanese and means universal life energy. So it is life energy in pure form that we work with when we do Reiki healing. It is something that is so beautiful and healing that it is something that everyone can enjoy in life.

Everyone naturally has access to this universal life energy because it is what we originally come from. We all come from pure energy, we are pure energy and we all have access to the energy and to this reiki channel. All radios can receive the same channels. So anyone can actually do reiki and benefit from it.

So are you curious about Reiki, what it can do and whether it might be something for you? So listen to this episode.

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