Rose quartz crystal

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Symbolizes love, calm and harmony and is a stone that teaches us forgiveness.

Rose quartz also called rose quartz, in small polished pieces. Perfect as a small pocket stone or if you want to sleep with it under the pillow at night.

The calming rose quartz also provides a fine balance in yin and yang, and is one of the crystals everyone should have in their collection because it balances the heart center. Its vibrations are gentle and loving, and it soaks up negative energies. It gives us peace and helps us to forgive. Sleep with it under your pillow, put it in your pocket or have it standing out front and enjoy the sight and effect of the crystal.

In addition to being a beautiful love crystal, it is also said that rose quartz picks up radiation from mobile phones, TVs, computers and other electronic objects, and transforms these into positive energy. So it is therefore good to have standing on your desk or bedside table, or in front of the television.

It is good for healing emotions, forgiveness and against stress and tension.

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Chakra: Heart

Cleanse: Incense, Full Moon, Selenite

Size: approximately 15-40 g. 3-4 cm.

Origin : Brazil

All the crystals are different and unique.