INTENTION necklace

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Lapis lazuli necklace - for those who are ready to take action and start making things happen.

Lapis lazuli is one of the most coveted stones in human history. Its deep sky-blue colour is the symbol of royalty honour, gods, power, spirit and vision, wisdom and truth.

Provides wisdom and discernment in the practical world. Activates your higher self and strengthens intellectual abilities. Stimulates the desire for knowledge, truth and understanding, and aids in the process of learning.

Lapis Lazuli is not a single mineral. It is a combination of lazurite, calcite, and pyrite, with small amounts of other minerals. Lapis lazuli means "blue stone" in Latin, Persian as well as in Arabic. Can be a good aid in automatic writing. Is also an excellent meditation stone. Meditate on a goal or quality you wish to manifest and it will manifest.

This chain is handmade and all stones, crystals and chains are therefore unique. 

39 cm + 3 cm adjustable closure.

The crystals measure approximately 6mm. 

The clasp is in 925 sterling silver.

Jewellery should not be exposed to water, as this reduces the life of the jewellery. If you wish to clean the jewellery, this can be done with intention, and with incense such as palo santo, sage or plain incense, or by placing the jewellery in sunlight or moonlight. 

If you want something special, it can be made to order.