ENERGY necklace

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Powerful necklace with green jade, amazonite and green agate.

This beautiful chain is for those who want to find their inner power. Amazonite is said to have been used in the Amazon by female warriors to adorn their shields and give them strength.

It strengthens self-awareness and intuition and helps us to find the strength of the heart. Green is the colour of the heart chakra and helps us to follow our hearts and true calling.

This chain is handmade and all stones, crystals and chains are therefore unique. 

39 cm + 3 cm adjustable closure.

The crystals are relatively large and measure about 8 mm. 

The clasp and small silver beads are in 925 sterling silver.

Jewellery should not be exposed to water, as this reduces the life of the jewellery. If you wish to clean the jewellery, this can be done with intention, and with incense such as palo santo, sage or plain incense, or by placing the jewellery in sunlight or moonlight. 

If you want something special, it can be made to order.