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Beautiful ocean jasper bracelet, which is for you who want to wear a joy stone all day long. That shower us with love for ourselves and others, as well as help. with us generally looking more lovingly at the world. Ocean jasper, also called sea jasper, is an enchanting crystal with a deep connection to the powers of the sea and the beauty of nature.

Ocean jasper first of all symbolizes a strong connection to nature, and it is especially the connection to the sea that makes this crystal so remarkable. It reminds us of the harmony and balance between the physical and the spiritual and serves as a reminder of the importance of appreciating the wisdom and beauty of nature.

One of ocean jasper's most remarkable properties is its ability to create emotional balance. The crystal has a calming effect on our emotions and helps relieve stress and anxiety. It promotes a sense of inner calm and emotional harmony, making it an ideal companion for those seeking to improve their emotional well-being and step onto a more peaceful path.

In addition to its ability to create emotional balance, ocean jasper is also considered to promote spiritual connection and growth. It helps open up our spiritual awareness and understanding of the deeper aspects of life. By working with ocean jasper, you can achieve a deeper connection to the cycles of nature and support your spiritual development.

To integrate ocean jasper into one's spiritual practice, there are several ways to use the crystal. It can be used as a meditation stone to strengthen the connection to the energy of the sea and help deepen the meditation experience. The crystal can also be used as a smudging stone to cleanse energy fields and remove negative energy. When worn as jewelry, in your pocket or under your pillow, ocean jasper can allow you to have its calming energy close to you day and night, creating an ongoing connection to nature's beauty and its calming effect. Placed as a decorative stone in your home or work environment, ocean jasper creates an atmosphere of calm and harmony and brings the beauty of nature into your surroundings.

Ocean jasper is much more than just a beautiful crystal; it is a gateway to immersing oneself in the magic of nature and a source of inner balance and harmony. By using it with respect and gratitude , you can strengthen your spiritual journey and connect with the powerful energies of the ocean, resulting in a more harmonious and balanced existence.

The colors of ocean jasper vary greatly: white, green, pink, red, black, blue. The beautiful dots, wavy lines, and multi colored crystals make this a beautiful and exciting crystal.

Ocean jasper stimulates the solar plexus, heart and throat chakra and enables us to express love in words and actions. It also gently brings into focus the positive aspects of life. Brings relaxation and collaboration to the home or workplace.

4 grams, 4 mm beads. 19-20 cm.

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Ocean jasper bracelet






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