E-book: Your spiritual guide to a balanced everyday life

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E-BOOK 'Your spiritual guide to a balanced everyday life' is a beginner's book for those who are curious about the spiritual world.

The book gives you a comprehensive guide and insight into how you can create a more spiritual and balanced everyday life. I give you all my personal tips, tricks, tools and remedies that you can implement in your daily life to create a more spiritual and balanced life.

This book is for you if you want to: 

 Learning about the energy of the universe
 Learn more about the law of attraction 
 Know something about what your physical body needs
 Know what you can do to high your energy 
 Learn to cleanse your home of negativity
 Learn why drugs and spirituality do not belong together
 Learning to use prayer and affirmations
 Have some of my best advice for a spiritual and balanced life
  ... and much more!

The book includes chapters on crystals, the chakra system, supplements, essential oils, the law of attraction, meditation, diet, positive affirmations and much, much more.

Number of pages: 90 

The book is delivered directly to your email. Can be opened and read on tablets, computer and phone. 

Copyright: Zoey Adrianna