Rock crystal

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Polished pocket stone in beautiful rock crystal

Polished rock crystal is clear quartz that is found everywhere in nature. Most rocks have quartz in them, just like sand. Rock crystal has been used throughout history as a powerful energy tool to bring clarity to the mind.

This small crystal is perfect for your pocket, bag or if you want to use it under your pillow.

Use the rock crystal when you want to be sharp and clear in your mind, and focus your energy directly into a specific area. Actually, I recommend that you use this beautiful crystal as a constant and basic tool.

Shamans believe that by wearing, working with or meditating with this crystal, you will become part of its energy – the white healing light. Thereby you will experience being in touch with your higher self. When you surround yourself with the Rock Crystal, it is as if you are closer to the Universe and guides. It is known to vibrate with a feeling that "someone" is taking care of you.

All the crystals are different and unique, and carefully selected. A specific rock crystal cannot be chosen, but I choose a beautiful stone every time.

Size: approximately 8-12 g, approximately 2-3 cm.

All stones are unique and each has its own shape and beauty.
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