Sweet vanilla - Satya incense

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Sweet, mild and fragrant incense from the popular Satya. Fill your home with the lovely scent of sweet vanilla and clear out that heavy or stagnant energy. Use incense to cleanse your home or for meditation. 

incense are lovely scents and a pampering of the senses. It can be enjoyed as part of your spiritual practice, or just when you feel like a little fragrance, cleansing and well-being.

Do you need to clean your home, work or other place you stay? Or do you just want to enjoy the calm, the scent and the present sensation of incense, whether you meditate, do yoga or just feel like a little well-being? Then incense is for you.

All incenses are different, but the principle is the same: the incense is placed in a holder, lit with fire and then blow out the flame and let the incense burn down. 

The packet contains 15 grams, equivalent to approximately 12-13 incense sticks. Each incense stick burns for about half an hour.