Mountain Crystal Necklace

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Elegant and beautiful rock crystal necklace, perfect for those who want to carry the energy of the rock crystal on you daily. Gives insight and clarity.

Rock crystal is clear quartz, which is found everywhere in nature. Throughout history, rock crystal has been used as a powerful energy tool to bring clarity to the mind.

Use the rock crystal when you want to be sharp and clear in your mind, and focus your energy directly into a specific area. 

It balances the body and is said to act as a cleanser of the soul. A powerful healing crystal that regulates and amplifies energies. Gives the ability to create overview, harmony and insight.

When you surround yourself with the Mountain Crystal, it's like you're closer to the Universe and your angels and guides. It is known to vibrate with a feeling that "someone" is taking care of you and helping you.

30-40 g.

45 cm