Nye engle- og orakelkort på webshoppen

New angel and oracle cards on the webshop

By Zoey Adrianna

Nye engle- og orakelkort på webshoppen

There are now a lot of new cards on the website!

...Both for those of you who are new and curious about angel and oracle cards, and for those of you who have extensive knowledge of it.

The new cards include: Life Loves You by Louise Hay, Archangel by Diana Cooper, Divine Heart by Tosha Silver, Portal Activation of Light by Kyle Gray, Fairy Oracle Cards by Karen Kay, Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue and Archangel Power Tarot Cards by Radleigh Valentine.

What are angel and oracle cards?

Angel and oracle cards are a fine and loving tool for getting in touch with your angels, guides, the universe and not least your own intuition. It works a bit like tarot cards, but motifs are different and some might think it's a bit more caring, loving and fine on the angel and oracle cards. But it is a matter of taste and up to you, what you are drawn to.

Both angel cards and oracle cards are easy to get started with and require no practice or in-depth knowledge. The most important thing is just your desire and curiosity - then the cards do the rest. All angel and oracle cards always come with a guidebook, which helps you through the start with your new card set, so that you get to know them better, as well as the principles behind them.

Angel cards and oracle cards can be used daily. Among other things, for example, by drawing a card every morning, where you ask what you need to know for today. You can also choose to ask specific questions and then draw one or more cards, which will then be the answer to your question.

Angel and oracle cards are therefore easy to go to and it is a lovely, caring and loving way to get messages from the spiritual world and get in touch with the universe and intuition.

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