Kommunikér med den spirituelle verden

Communicate with the spiritual world

By Zoey Adrianna

Kommunikér med den spirituelle verden

This is how you get ready to communicate even better with the spiritual world.

  • Sit in a quiet place where you can be undisturbed
  • Feel free to light some candles, incense or similar
  • Sit comfortably in a chair, with your feet planted on the floor, turn your palms upwards and close your eyes
  • Take some deep breaths

Now activate your 7 chakra centers, each with their own color and imagine one by one the centers rotating clockwise

  • Start with your root chakra and activate it with red color
  • Next, your spleen chakra and activate it with orange color
  • Next, your solar plexus chakra and activate it with yellow color
  • Next, your heart chakra and activate it with green color
  • Next, your throat chakra and activate it with blue color
  • Next, your forehead chakra and activate it with indigo color
  • Next, your crown chakra, where you imagine a white light streaming up from the top of your head

Now feel free to say the following out loud and imagine it happening:

“Dear universe. Thank you for letting me see, hear, feel and feel all the divine messages that may come through me. Thank you for letting me be a pure channel for loving, concrete and constructive messages. I put myself, my thoughts, my feelings, my ego and my physical body aside.”

Now you are ready to communicate even more clearly and distinctly with the spiritual world.

When you're done, remember to shut down. Imagine that you put a small white cover on your chakras - you can also put a physical hand on it at the same time. Start at the top (the crown chakra) and work your way down, ending with your root chakra (at the tailbone).

  • Affirm that you take back yourself, your thoughts, your emotions, your ego and your physical body.
  • Feel free to finish by cleansing and protecting yourself in white light.
  • You are now done and ready to move on with your day.


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