Notesbog til positive bekræftelser

Notebook for positive affirmations

"Positive affirmations are phrases or statements that are meant to empower and encourage. They are often phrased as sentences in the present tense that you would like to achieve, and are used as a form of self-help to change one's inner monologue and thoughts about oneself ."

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Interview med SFHEALTH

Interview with SFHEALTH

"I believe that in our society we are overburdened and stop fed with food and information about food. We are simply oversaturated and malnourished, where we are getting further and further away from a simple and more natural starting point."

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Vigtigheden i at investere i os selv!

The importance of investing in ourselves!

When we forget to invest in ourselves; in body, mind and spirit, it is often expressed by us forgetting that the very basic and basic things are important to us in order for us to thrive. But because many are so focused on the practicalities of life and the drumbeat of everyday life and everyone else who expects something from us; family, children, friends, work etc., we often forget ourselves.

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Engle- og orakelkort

Angel and Oracle Cards

What are angel cards?

Angel cards are very similar to the principles behind tarot cards, but the motifs, the messages and the way they are structured are a little different. There is a sea of ​​different sets, with different images, designs and themes.

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Podcast: Helhed

Podcast: Wholeness

My new podcast Helhed is now on the air! Have you been listening?

Helhed is a spiritual podcast that focuses on body, mind and soul and where we delve into the spiritual world to learn more about everything that cannot be completely measured and weighed.

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