Heal your life

Heal your life

Heal your life

Louise Hay - Heal your life

...a book by an amazing and inspiring person.

And not just a book.. the book. There's no doubt that Heal Your Life is the book I've recommended most in all the 14-15 years I've known it. It's my bible... A bible of self-love, understanding of body and mind and a very fine and loving guide on how to learn to love ourselves a little more so that life glides a little easier and better! 

I have yet to come across anyone who has not liked the book. It's worth its weight in gold...

Louise Hay was a pioneer in self-help and self-love. She wrote and published a wealth of books and material, much of which can be found for free online - including on YouTube.

Are you new to the spiritual world and want to know more about it and learn how to live a more loving, wonderful, energetic and happy life? Then Louise Hay is probably one of the very best places to start!

At the back of the book is a kind of reference index, with a wide range of physical and mental illnesses. Louise Hay describes why the illness in question has arisen and how we can get rid of it again. For Louise believes that behind every physical or mental disorder, there is a belief that has been imprinted on us - and in order for us to get rid of the disorder we now have, we need to change our beliefs.

"A believe is only a thought and a thought can be changed" - Louise Hay

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